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Preliminary information

Many Internet pages contain several preliminary comments and information based on the company’s management’s beliefs. Used in this context, the words “estimate,” “anticipate,” “expect,” “intend,” and “plan” and other similar expressions carry information relating to the future and are tentative. Such information reflects the current views of ShuraCore LLC concerning future development at the time of presentation. It should be considered subject to amendments that may make in the future.

Personal data processing

ShuraCore LLC stores personal data from visitors to the website in various ways, including interaction through a contact form. This data may include last name, first name, surname, telephone number, email address, website address, organization name, etc. By providing his data, a visitor to the site agrees to their processing, including promoting the company’s services by sending mail and telephone calls. ShuraCore uses the received personal data:

  • to replenish your list of potential customers
  • to promote their services
  • for marketing research
  • to analyze visits to your site

If a site visitor disagrees with his personal data processing, he must report this using the contacts to contact the company’s employees. Upon his request, that will delete all received personal data from the databases.  ShuraCore LLC takes measures to protect personal data and undertakes not to disclose them. At the same time, ShuraCore LLC can transfer personal data to its agents and third parties acting based on contracts with ShuraCore LLC. Also, ShuraCore LLC can transfer personal data at the legal request of the competent authorities. Other data about visitors to the ShuraCore LLC site – IP address, browser name, OS, country, region, etc. – are used to analyze visits to its website. This data is publicly available. Therefore ShuraCore LLC is not responsible for their disclosure.

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