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In the hardware industry, software has become the essential element of product success in the market. The growth trends influenced this in customer expectations and increased competition. As a result, this has led to a shift among companies providing software development services for hardware.

Today, ShuraCore strives for excellence in services through specialization in industries: the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Robotics, and Electronic Design Automation. We optimize, improve, and multiply our experience, specializing only in these industries. In this way, our firm lays the foundation for meeting tomorrow’s challenges, focusing on our customers’ competitive advantage challenges. Due to vertical specialization in these areas, we have a highly qualified team. Specialization, expertise, and a portfolio of successful projects in these industries allow us to provide more cost-effective conditions for our clients.

ShuraCore can act as your service partner, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of expertise in the areas of the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Robotics, and Electronic Design Automation. Cooperation with us will increase the efficiency of your business. By choosing ShuraCore as your partner, you will create a success story for your product.

Internet of Things
Smart Homes and Buildings, Smart City, Smart Industry and Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Things, Smart Agriculture.
Internet of Things
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Frequency Converters, Motor Control Systems, Industrial Networks, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Robotics, etc.
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Electronic Design Automation
FPGA Design, HLS, IP, Verification, Compiler Design, Embedded Software Development
Electronic Design Automation

Internet of Things

LoRa/LoRaWAN, SigFox, Weightless, Z-Wave, ZigBee, RFID, Wi-Fi, NB-LTE/NB-CIoT, GSM, LTE, Bluetooth/BLE, NWave

Internet of Things

Smart Homes and Buildings, Smart City, Smart Industry and Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Things, Smart Agriculture
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From smart buildings to smart cities, the Internet of Things is transforming industries and agriculture rapidly. Organizations are looking to expand into new markets, create powerful new business models, develop new products, or differentiate user experiences through the Internet of Things. ShuraCore offers a full range of IoT services and helps organizations develop reliable and cost-effective ways to solve their business and technical challenges using IoT technologies. The IoT service includes strategic consulting, development, data analysis, and application management. These products will help organizations meet their business challenges and generate new revenue streams. We specialize in the following areas of the Internet of Things:

Smart Homes and Buildings

Smart Homes and Buildings Development Services

ShuraCore offers a wide range of software development services for smart home and building devices, from improving security to reducing energy and maintenance costs. We solve reduced power consumption, networking of machines, processing data from sensors, power management, and wireless connectivity. We create innovative software that solves critical systemic problems in intelligent building and home

Smart City

Smart City Development Services

Reducing costs and resource consumption with IoT technologies has become possible for outdoor lighting, video surveillance, wireless communication (data transmission over long distances), centralized and integrated system management, and much more. ShuraCore will help make your city bright and develop innovative software for you to the next level. Charging power stations Data concentrators Drones Electricity

Smart Industry and Industrial Internet of Things

Smart Industry and IIoT Development Services

The industrial world is changing under various trends, including Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, and intelligent manufacturing. The smart industry trend drives fundamental changes in the way factories and workplaces function, making them safer, more efficient, more flexible, and more environmentally friendly. Since factories account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption, reducing

Smart Things

Smart Things Development Services

Familiar objects and devices evolve to become more innovative through IoT technology and are designed to simplify our lives and make them better and safer. A smart thing is an object that can detect, monitor, and respond to the environment, safely process the collected information, protect against threats and intrusions, and then communicate the results

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Development Services

Smart farming represents a new opportunity for IoT technology to expand and improve agricultural business. Smart agriculture combines modern communication and sensor technologies with the most advanced data analytics and seeks to ensure more sustainable and efficient farming resources. Intelligent farming technology makes extensive use of system solutions and remote management to save water, reduce

Industrial Automation and Robotics

OPC UA, HSR/PRP, HART, IO-Link, PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU, CANopen, IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 61850, EtherCAT, PROFINET, POWERLINK, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Scalar control, Vector control, Field oriented control, Direct torque control, Sensorless field-oriented control, Direct torque control with switch table, DC motor control, Stepper motor control, PWM control
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Our systems experience and large base of reference solutions enable our engineers to design more intelligent, more reliable industrial systems that create a safe and efficient environment for any industrial market. Whether it is engineering for Industry 4.0 or motor control systems, we can help you solve complex system-level problems within the industrial automation and robotics industry. The introduction of new technologies and services related to the Internet of Things (IoT) is also driving further growth in this industry.

Smart industry initiatives such as Industry 4.0 or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) help machines, factories, and operator workstations become more efficient, intelligent, and knowledgeable, more connected, and safer. The Smart Home and Smart City initiatives drive similar trends with innovative technologies in areas such as lighting, transportation and parking, agriculture, resource sharing, climate monitoring, garbage collection, and home automation.

A high level of innovation is required to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of diverse applications in the industrial market. For example, power and energy management technologies are needed to control power from microwatts in home appliances to megawatts in factory engines and in connectivity solutions that can cover a wide range of data rates from centimeters to tens of kilometers.

Technologies driving the industrial automation and robotics market include ubiquitous embedded processing such as artificial intelligence, wired and wireless connectivity, security and protection, innovative power technologies, cloud and edge computing, and big data analytics. ShuraCore provides Industrial Automation and Robotics services in the following areas:

Mathematical Modeling and Control Algorithms

Mathematical Modeling and Control Algorithms

Mathematical modeling is a universal tool for studying complex technical and technological systems. The role of mathematical modeling and its effectiveness in technical and specialized systems is generally recognized. When analyzing these systems using mathematical modeling, it is possible, in a practical and theoretical way, to assess in advance the consequences of each proposed solution,

We use the following control methods to control electric motors: Scalar control, Vector control, PWM, Stepper motor control.

Frequency Converters and Motor Control Systems

Frequency converters are an integral part of modern electric motor designs. These devices allow the output of an alternating current frequency corresponding to the specified range. Frequency converters are in demand in all spheres of life related to electrical energy. Their action is the stable operation of complex drive mechanisms without traditional control equipment and

Industrial Networks. We develop EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 61850, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, IO-Link, CANopen, SNMP, EtherNet/IP.

Industrial Networks Development Services

Networks are the medium for transmitting data. Networks differ depending on the amount of data transferred. Industrial networks are networks that share data on a large scale as well as in real-time. This means that they allow us to connect different devices over long distances and provide communication between them and the transfer of large


Sensors Development Services

In the era of smart grids, smart metering involves not only measuring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, or heat but also transferring data from a meter or sensor to a data concentrator or cloud. Real-time reporting of energy consumption, resource consumption, weight, temperature, etc., increases consumer awareness, which leads to less potential waste and

We develop our solutions for application on microcontrollers, Embedded Linux, and FPGA. IEC 61131-3 and PLC Development Services.

IEC 61131-3 and PLC Development Services

The IEC 61131-3 standard specifies five PLC programming languages: three graphical and two textual. The main goal of the standard is to increase the speed and quality of developing programs for PLC, as well as to create programming languages ​​focused on technologists, to ensure that PLC complies with the ideology of open systems, to eliminate


SCADA and HMI Development Services

Most automation systems operate with the participation of a person (operator, dispatcher). The interface between the human and the system is called the human-machine interface (HMI). In a particular case, when the HMI is intended for human interaction with an automated technological process, it is called a SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). Modern


Robotics Development Services

The development of robotic devices can include all stages, from modeling a controlled object model to implementing them on target platforms. The steps described below apply to both mobile and industrial robots and complex robotic systems. Consumer and economic trends worldwide drive the development of multifunctional small-batch contract manufacturing, which must be versatile and efficient.

Power Engineering

Power Engineering Development Services

In the power industry, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and FPGA are being introduced at an accelerated pace. New sensors of physical quantities, data collection, transmission systems, and various executive devices are being improved and developed. The number of monitored and controlled parameters has expanded significantly. It can be argued that, along with branched energy processes, the formation

ShuraCore uses well-versed protocols, codecs, and software development technologies: SIP, RTP/RTCP. PRI/BRI/ISDN. Industrial IP Telephony.

Industrial IP Telephony Development Services

We provide services for developing industrial IP phones designed for integration into any areas of industry, energy, infrastructure. ShuraCore uses IP and Ethernet standards. The software we develop is used in various activity fields, pursuing commercial goals and using telephony to organize security systems. The Industrial IP Phone is more than just a telephone. It

We develop embedded software, drivers for video matrices, and controllers for video streams. RTSP, ONVIF, RTP, etc. Industrial Machine Vision

Industrial Machine Vision Development Services

Machine vision is an area of ​​application of computer vision for industry and manufacturing. Machine vision is an engineering subsection related to computing, optics, mechanical engineering, and industrial automation. Industrial machine vision systems are perhaps the most diverse class of systems regarding the number and type of tasks. Essential features of industrial systems: the ability

Electronic Design Automation

PCIe, SATA, NVMe, USB, GbE, 10G, 40G, VGA, HDMI, DVI, jesd204, SPDIF, I2S, PCM, TDM, AC'97

Electronic Design Automation

RISC-V (Rocket, VexRiscv, PicoRV), MicroBlaze, NIOS II, OpenRisc, LEON3, ARM Cortex M1, M3
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Electronic Design Automation is a set of software tools to facilitate the development of electronic devices, creating microcircuits and processors. This complex allows you to develop future devices using a graphical interface and hardware description languages, create and modify IP, check the integrity of signals, and simulate a future device’s behavior. Modern software systems allow creating processors and software objects of intellectual property, performing verification and logical modeling, synthesizing hardware and software cores using high-level synthesis. Logic modeling is one of the most common ways to test the behavioral and functional properties of designed digital devices to reduce the resources associated with creating and testing prototypes. Electronic Design Automation systems may simulate a device under development and investigate its operation before it is embodied in hardware.

ShuraCore provides services in Electronic Design Automation in the following areas:

FPGA Design

Our team is an expert in FPGA design. We maintain our service at a high level, which allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for FPGA design for various systems. Our company keeps up with the times, has extensive experience in existing FPGA technologies. Using multiple technologies, practical and theoretical knowledge, experience in developing individual FPGA

High Level Synthesis

High-Level Synthesis (HLS) is used to create digital devices using high-level languages. The main goal of HLS products is to simplify the FPGA design process for a developer who is familiar with programming in high-level languages ​​such as C++, Rust, etc. The practical application of FPGA often causes difficulties for Java, .Net programmers, etc. tasks: it becomes necessary to understand how

ShuraCore offers IP (intellectual property) core development services. PCIe, SATA, NVMe, USB, VGA, HDMI, DVI, RISC-V. IP Development Sevices.

Intellectual Property

ShuraCore offers IP (intellectual property) core development services. In the development process, the projected IP cores undergo rigorous testing, validation, and verification. Our primary focus is to provide the customer and development team with the most reliable IP cores in the industry. ShuraCore’s IP cores portfolio ranges from simple IPs such as communications interfaces, filters

We use modern methodologies and frameworks (UVM). Verification is an essential process in ... Verification Development Services.


Verification is the verification of the device’s model being developed, designed by a team of specialists in one of the hardware description languages, based on the technical task. Verification engineers must conclude that the developed model complies with the declared specification and can be applied at further stages of the final digital device design. Verification

Compiler Design

ShuraCore specializes in implementing new and modern ports: GCC, GDB, GNU libraries, Binutils, LLDB, LLVM utilities, and libraries. We are engaged in the optimization and adaptation of existing compilers for any hardware platform. ShuraCore team provides a full range of services for the development of compilers and interpreters of the following types: JIT and AOT

Embedded Software Development

Our team of embedded software professionals has extensive experience developing applications for microcontrollers, processors, FPGA, and digital signal processors (DSP). We apply our programming and embedded design skills to industrial automation and robotics, and the IoT. We ensure continuous product rollouts, mitigate business risk, implement best intellectual property protection practices, and adhere to global standards for embedded software.

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