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Front-end Development Services

With the growing volume of traffic and increasing demand for web services, web applications, various kinds of graphical applications for desktops and LCD screens, businesses need innovations in front-end development. The applications developed by us correspond to the declared characteristics, solve the set business task, and form a pleasant user experience.  The specifics of user interface development, web applications for corporate solutions are the requirements for stability, accuracy, and response speed to the response from user actions. ShuraCore can be your one-stop solution for developing quality front-end applications.

We offer specialized full-stack front-end development services built based on QtJavaScript, and Python languages and technologies and can confidently provide the desired results. ShuraCore developers create reliable and adaptable solutions for front-end applications without compromising your commercial goals. The main criterion for creating a high-quality UI design is usability. When developing user interface design, we adhere to guidelines and recognized quality standards and strive to create clarity, conciseness, consistency, and intuitiveness of the interface for any user.

We create web applications with an independent front-end architecture that visualizes data processed by servers and uses various end devices’ content.

We are well versed in single-page and progressive web applications across industries: the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Electronic Design Automation.

ShuraCore team develops custom graphical interfaces for desktop use. Using the cross-platform Qt framework allows us to save time developing graphical user interfaces and various software kinds. Components such as the Qt Creator IDE provide their markup language and different freely selectable modules. We offer a complete development cycle for a GUI user interface, including requirements, architecture, terms of reference, concept research, iterative development, extensive testing, deployment to specific environments, and post-shipment support.

We use JS frameworks and cloud-friendly tools to visualize sensor data in real-time and help you manage your IoT and IIoT solutions from your PC.

We create cross-platform and hybrid apps that follow design guidelines and provide a user-friendly mobile and web browsing experience.

We develop graphical interfaces and SCADA systems for process control and manufacturing and web applications for companies that want to control smart equipment, industrial equipment, and consumer devices.

ShuraCore team is ready to develop a graphical interface for embedded software. We guarantee the success of this service. Our team’s engineers use various frameworks and technologies to create user interfaces for embedded software solutions.

What Makes Us Different?

Our services are distinguished because we are doing everything possible to ensure product quality and provide our customers with only the best solutions. Working with us, you will not worry about the confidentiality of your idea. We will sign an NDA to protect your vision.  Our team of experts will provide you with marketing and pricing plans that fit your budget. Our specialists will develop a technical specification for your business task or make an input analysis.

We develop software taking into account the formation of scalable software architecture. Each developed software has a UML model, which gives a detailed understanding of the final solution at the initial stage of the start of work. Next, we will form a work schedule to follow the plan for creating software. ShuraCore uses flexible and well-thought-out development processes, which allows us to do everything on time and efficiently. We achieve accuracy in our work due to: built-up communication processes with clients, measuring the KPI of our specialists, reporting on the status of our work, following the schedule, creating software according to our regulations, a complete cycle of software testing, and using CI/CD in the creation of our specialists.

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