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BSP Development Services

ShuraCore provides BSP (Board Support Package) development services for its clients. A BSP is often a software module, a set of software modules, or a set of device drivers embedded in an operating system or bare-metal firmware. With the help of BSP, support for all equipment and features of a specific hardware platform is implemented. Linux BSP users and developers usually talk about HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer); BSP is more common among users of real-time operating systems. You can think of BSP as an operating system-specific HAL.

BSP implements a standard set of functions for the operating system, making the work with the hardware platform invisible to the rest of the OS or application software. ShuraCore specialists develop BSP of any complexity, observing all the functionality and business solution’s quality requirements. At the same time, we consider the client’s wishes, the budget, and other essential factors.

Embedded Software Development Services

Buildroot, Yocto Project, ELBE, ROS, PetaLinux, OpenWrt, Autotools, QEMU, U-Boot, LibJPEG, LwIP, uIP, mbedTLS, TouchGFX, EmWin, uGFX, lvgl

Embedded Software Development Services

FreeRTOS, ChibiOS/RT, eCos, CMSIS-RTX, RTEMS, Segger embOS, Mbed OS, TI-RTOS, Azure RTOS, OpenAMP, OpenMCAPI, jailhouse, Xenomai
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ShuraCore is a team of professional engineers ready to provide a full range of design, innovation, programming, prototyping, porting, launch, and testing of the necessary embedded software solutions. Our experts will help you solve your problem. More details about our experience in system programming and embedded software development for microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP, and FPGA are described below.

We are professionally engaged in the development of embedded software. ShuraCore uses CI/CD for our clients’ development products. Our specialists reduce our clients’ business risks through well-structured processes and regulations, adherence to standards for developing a system and embedded software, and interest in development quality. Besides our extensive experience with various embedded operating systems, libraries, frameworks, ShuraCore specialists also follow strict quality assurance procedures that comply with international safety and quality standards and certifications for critical equipment.

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