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Edge TPU

Edge TPU is Google’s purpose-built ASIC designed to run AI at the edge. It delivers high performance in a small physical and power footprint, enabling the deployment of high-accuracy AI at the edge.

The Edge TPU is a small ASIC designed by Google that provides high performance ML inferencing for low-power devices. For example, it can execute state-of-the-art mobile vision models such as MobileNet V2 at almost 400 FPS, in a power efficient manner. AI is pervasive today, from consumer to enterprise applications. With the explosive growth of connected devices, combined with a demand for privacy/confidentiality, low latency and bandwidth constraints, AI models trained in the cloud increasingly need to be run at the edge. 

Cloud TPUs run in a Google data center, and therefore offer very high computational speeds—an individual v3 Cloud TPU can perform 420 trillion floating-point operations per second (420 teraflops). Cloud TPUs are ideal when you’re training large, complex ML models—for example, models that might take weeks to train on other hardware can converge in mere hours on Cloud TPUs.Whereas, the Edge TPU is designed for small, low-power devices, and is primarily intended for model inferencing (although it can accelerate some types of transfer learning). So although the computational speed of the Edge TPU is a fraction of the speed on a Cloud TPU, the Edge TPU is ideal when you want on-device ML inferencing that’s extremely fast and power-efficient. Edge TPU complements CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other ASIC solutions for running AI at the edge. ShuraCore provides software development services for the Edge TPU. We make the Edge TPU happen.

AI Development Services

Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, Darknet, MxNet

AI Development Services

Xilinx Machine Learning (ML) Suite, NVIDIA CUDA-X AI and CUDA, RadeonML and ROCm, OpenCL and OpenMP, OpenVINO
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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are integral parts of many enterprises, factories, and complex software. This terminology is often used synonymously. Artificial intelligence is making huge strides forward – from advances in self-driving vehicles and the ability to beat humans in games to automated customer service and full automation and decision-making in various industries.

Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that is poised to revolutionize your business. Artificial intelligence development is also driving software development services, embedded software, IoT, and IIOT applications. Software developers are currently exploring new ways of programming that are more prone to deep learning and machine learning. ShuraCore provides software development services based on machine learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning. To solve business problems, we use the following technologies, frameworks, and approaches:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the branches of artificial intelligence. The basic

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. It uses machine learning

Edge AI

Edge computing consists of several methods that bring data collection, analysis, and


The Jetson family of modules all use the same NVIDIA CUDA-X™ software

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