Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. It uses machine learning techniques to solve business problems by applying neural networks to choose the best adaptation model in industrial enterprise management. Deep Learning can be expensive and requires vast amounts of training data. This is because many parameters need to be tuned for learning algorithms to avoid false positives. For example, a deep learning algorithm might be instructed to “figure out” what the object model looks like. A large amount of modeling data must learn to distinguish between the control object’s behavior to do the training. Use cases for deep learning:

  • You have a lot of data.
  • You have to solve problems that are too complex for machine learning.
  • You have enough computing resources and manage hardware and software to train deep learning neural networks.

Frameworks and Technologies

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are technological breakthroughs. AI software allows you to solve more and more complex problems. We solve AI problems for industries: Industrial Automation and Robotics, the Internet of Things, and Electronic Design Automation. The popularity of AI technologies is growing, which means that the demand for them is also increasing. The rise of AI drives a larger developer community and new AI frameworks that make learning and working easier. ShuraCore specialists use the following frameworks and technologies in their work:

Embedded Software Development Services

Buildroot, Yocto Project, ELBE, ROS, PetaLinux, OpenWrt, Autotools, QEMU, U-Boot, LibJPEG, LwIP, uIP, mbedTLS, TouchGFX, EmWin, uGFX, lvgl

Embedded Software Development Services

FreeRTOS, ChibiOS/RT, eCos, CMSIS-RTX, RTEMS, Segger embOS, Mbed OS, TI-RTOS, Azure RTOS, OpenAMP, OpenMCAPI, jailhouse, Xenomai
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ShuraCore is a team of professional engineers ready to provide a full range of design, innovation, programming, prototyping, porting, launch, and testing of the necessary embedded software solutions. Our experts will help you solve your problem. More details about our experience in system programming and embedded software development for microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP, and FPGA are described below.

We are professionally engaged in the development of embedded software. ShuraCore uses CI/CD for our clients’ development products. Our specialists reduce our clients’ business risks through well-structured processes and regulations, adherence to standards for developing a system and embedded software, and interest in development quality. Besides our extensive experience with various embedded operating systems, libraries, frameworks, ShuraCore specialists also follow strict quality assurance procedures that comply with international safety and quality standards and certifications for critical equipment.

ShuraCore develops Linux Kernel Drivers for processor architectures (x86, ARM, RISC-V, PowerPC, etc.). Linux Driver Development Services.

Linux Driver Development Services

ShuraCore develops Linux kernel drivers for various processor architectures (x86, ARM, RISC-V, PowerPC, SPARC, etc.). We have practical experience in modifying and configuring the Linux kernel, creating device drivers, integrating peripherals, configuring a device tree, developing a FrameBuffer, etc. We specialize in programming Linux kernel drivers for modern devices and

Our services include customizing Linux (Buildroot, Yocto Project, PetaLinux), U-Boot, setting up DTS. Linux Software Development Sevices.

Linux Software Development Services

Our company provides a full range of Linux software development services. ShuraCore engineers are ready to solve the most non-trivial and innovative problems within the industry: the Internet of Things, industrial automation and robotics, automation of the design of electronic devices. Our services include a selection of Linux distributions (Buildroot,

ShuraCore uses the following technologies to develop embedded software: FreeRTOS, Mbed OS, Azure RTOS, etc. Firmware Development Services.

Firmware Development Services

ShuraCore specializes in developing and implementing embedded software (bare-metal/RTOS) for microcontrollers, processors, and DSP. Our developments are used in various fields and industries. As a rule, our clients choose services to develop embedded software for microcontrollers. It is possible to reduce the final hardware platform’s cost when the device has

Asymmetric Multiprocessor Processing

ShuraCore is increasingly using asymmetric multiprocessing to solve customer business problems. Asymmetric multiprocessing is required to run multiple operating systems on a multi-core chip. As a rule, Linux is launched on one core to solve data transfer problems, support various protocols, display the user interface, and RTOS is established on

Developing and Porting Middleware

ShuraCore provides Middleware development and porting services to its clients. In the context of distributed applications, middleware is software that performs functions beyond those supplied by the operating system to allow the various components of a distributed approach to exchange and manage data. Middleware supports and simplifies complex distributed applications.

BSP Development Services

ShuraCore provides BSP (Board Support Package) development services for its clients. A BSP is often a software module, a set of software modules, or a set of device drivers embedded in an operating system or bare-metal firmware. With the help of BSP, support for all equipment and features of a

ShuraCore uses Windows Driver Kit (WDK), User-Mode Driver Framework, UMDF, Windows Driver Model (WDM), Kernel-Mode Driver Framework, KMDF.

Windows Driver Development Services

ShuraCore company develops drivers for Windows OS. We have practical experience in modifying and developing drivers for Windows OS for various hardware. Creating Windows drivers is a highly non-trivial task in embedded software and low-level software development. ShuraCore specialists have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to build driver software for

ShuraCore develops drivers and BSP for Android, running on various processor architectures. IoT, etc. Drivers and BSP Development for Android

Drivers and BSP Development for Android

ShuraCore develops drivers and BSP for Android, running on various processor architectures. We have practical experience in modifying and configuring the Android kernel. We specialize in Android programming drivers for modern devices and systems used in industries: the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Electronic Design Automation. A BSP is often a

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