Who We Are

ShuraCore is a distributed company. We are a team of professionals. Our engineers choose those places of life and leisure where optimal working conditions and project inspiration are created. We believe that only distributed teams can do worthwhile things in today’s reality. We are convinced that gathering the best specialists in one place is a difficult task. Therefore, we decided the path of a distributed team. We are open to the horizons of modern communications and interactions.

ShuraCore strives for excellence in services through Industrial Automation, Robotics and Power Engineering specialization. We optimize, improve, and multiply our experience, specializing only in these industries due to vertical fields in these areas. Specialization, expertise, and a portfolio of successful projects in these industries provide more cost-effective conditions for our clients. Thus, our company lays the foundation for tomorrow’s problems, focusing on our customers’ competitive advantage challenges.

What We Offer

Software has become the essential element of a product’s success in the marketplace in the hardware industry. This was influenced by the tendencies of growing customer expectations and increasing competition. As a result, it has led to a shift among companies providing software development services for hardware.

ShuraCore can act as your service partner, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of expertise in the area of Industrial Automation, Robotics and Power Engineering. Cooperation with us will increase the efficiency of your business. By choosing ShuraCore as your partner, you will create a success story for your product.

Industrial Automation
Sensors & Motor Control Devices, PLC, DAQ, DSC, SCADA & HMI
Industrial Automation
Cobot, CNC, Complex Mechatronic devices, Domestic Robots, Conveyors
Power Engineering
Energy storage systems, Power quality, Protection relay, Smart meters, Green energy, Grid communications
Power Engineering
We provide Embedded Software Development, Applications Software Development, AI Development, Compiler Design, FPGA Design, Hardware Design Services. We are a unique company that gives Compiler Design Services. This makes us significantly different from other service companies. ShuraCore cares about the quality of the service provided, which is the basis for a long-term and trusting relationship with a client.
Hardware Design
SoC/SoM/SBC Development, FPGA/DSP/MCU/CPU/MPU Based Electronics
Hardware Design
FPGA Design
RISC-V, PCIe, SDI, SATA, NVMe, USB, GbE, 10G, HDMI, QSPI, TileLink, AXI, Avalon, Wishbone
FPGA Design
Compiler Design
JIT & AOT, Front-end/Middle-end/Back-end Compilers, MLIR, HLS, Hardware Compilers, Virtual machine, AST & Bytecode interpreters
Compiler Design
Embedded Software Development
Linux/Windows/Android Driver Development, Baremetal & Firmware Development, AMP, Developing & Porting Middleware, BSP & HAL Development, RTOS, ROS
Embedded Software Development
Applications Software Development
Front-end & Back-end Development: Qt, Rust, C++, C, JavaScript, Python
Applications Software Development
AI Development
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, Darknet
AI Development

Our Mission

ShuraCore provides clients worldwide with the development of high-tech, revolutionary, and reliable software. Our mission is to promote our customers’ businesses by providing unique services and developing innovative solutions. We believe that real innovation comes from implementing unique and progressive solutions relevant to solving business problems. We are constantly expanding the competencies of our employees, taking into account global trends.

How We Work

We are interested in choosing a profitable model of cooperation with clients in the field of pricing. Given the variety of projects, we offer several options for price agreements:

The fixed price model implies assessing a specific project and the amount of work that needs to be done based on its requirements. Depending on the work scope, ShuraCore calculates the number of software development hours required to complete all tasks. A project cost estimate is calculated before the start of the development and has strict deadlines. After the project estimate, we set the project cost. This price is fixed and can be paid in stages or a lump sum.

The Dedicated Team model is used for long-term projects where requirements are unclear and change as the scope of work changes. This model is also used when the client’s team does not have the skills or experience in certain areas. ShuraCore team can be connected to the client’s team to deliver high quality, unique, and specific projects without expanding the client’s core team. Dedicated Teams Pricing Model is monthly payments based on team size that includes fixed maintenance costs.

Time and material contracts have a more flexible schedule and budget than fixed-price contracts. The time and material pricing formula assume established fees for development time. The customer pays for the actual hours spent on development and the amount of work performed. Together with the customer, we negotiate the rate per hour of work. Payments are usually interval payments: weekly, monthly, etc. This model is flexible, and changes are welcome, but it is not fixed in time and budget. The customer has full access to the team at all stages of project development.

The Milestone contract includes recurring payments for completed milestones. The customer and ShuraCore development team set the criteria together. Typically, the customer pays a fixed price when the required tasks are completed. Payment is determined by the time spent on development and the amount of work. The customer pays for the actual work performed. ShuraCore provides this type of contract only to regular customers with whom an excellent trusting relationship has been established.

For this type of contract, three points of the project triangle are fixed: timing, money, and the system’s internal quality. Payment occurs at the end of the project with a possible prepayment at the beginning. The contract describes the tasks but at a high enough level that you can flexibly change the work amount without making changes to the agreement. The risks are divided equally: ShuraCore undertakes to deliver the software on time and budget. The customer tries to select/cut tasks based on business priorities and the current situation. ShuraCore ensures quality through well-structured processes, rules for code creation, the presence of automated code analysis systems, a notification system for developers, as well as deep integration of all internal services in our company. 

Our services are distinguished because we are doing everything possible to ensure product quality and provide our customers with only the best solutions. Working with us, you will not worry about the confidentiality of your idea. We will sign an NDA to protect the concept of your project. Our team of experts will provide you with marketing and pricing plans that fit your budget. Our specialists will develop a technical specification for your business task or make an input analysis.

We develop software taking into account the formation of scalable software architecture. Each developed software has a UML model, which gives a detailed understanding of the final solution at the initial stage of the start of work. Next, we will form a work schedule to follow the plan for creating software. ShuraCore uses flexible and well-thought-out development processes, which allows us to do everything on time and efficiently. We achieve accuracy in our work due to: built-up communication processes with clients, measuring the KPI of our specialists, reporting on the status of our work, following the schedule, creating software according to our regulations, an entire cycle of software testing, and using CI/CD in the creation of our specialists.

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